Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Exciting life!

Lots has happened this past 2 months! We got to go to CA to enjoy Baylie's baptism, go to Luke's field trip to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, enjoy a puppet show and go to the park.

We went and visited Brandon & Alvhild & had a great time!

We have enjoyed riding bikes on the trial at Westgate park

Golfing with Lindsey at the Highlands golf course was so fun!

                     Enjoyed listening to Dallas play in the Dothan Youth Orchestra!

                     Dave & Nathan got to go to the Father/Son Camping Night! Dave loves camping!
                                      I got to go with Dallas on a field trip to the Tallahassee Museum!

Sadie graduated from kindergarten and Dallas and Brenna got awards!

Bubbles in the pool is always a hit

We met Alvhild at the beach and had a terrific time! The waves were huge for Destin beach!

and last we went with Alvhild and Brandon to Dauphin Island and rode the ferry, had a delicious dinner and went to the movies!