Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lucky I guess

So driving on my street a couple of weeks ago, I had this horrible sound and thought I had a blow out.  I stopped my car and checked all the tires and all seemed fine but occasionally when I would turn left or accelerate, I would get this terrible grating sound.  Long story short - I ran over this!

Can you see this metal edging blade that is resting on my tire thingie? Apparently it was lying in the road and when I ran over it, it flipped up into my tire well and gouged out a hole in my tire but didn't flatten it.  I had to get a new tire but no one could figure out what was making the noise - not the Toyota dealership twice, or Sam's club who put on the tire, or the Lexus dealership until I went there a second time (Montgomery).  Can you see it hiding in my tire well?
Here is a closer look at it because I know you want to see it
It tore into the metal body of the car

So I went to a body shop to see if they could just put some filler in it so water wouldn't get in it.
Ohhh nooooo. The heat filling the hole would catch the back seat fibers on fire so they have to take out my back seat, take off my side panel, so they can weld it and paint it so it won't rust.  What a pain for running over a 'nail' in the road.
It could have been worse. It could have caused me to wreck my car, or flown out and caused more damage. I guess I am lucky.