Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weekend in Mobile

Dave was on call and this weekend looked like it was the only one in awhile that I could go and visit two of our favorite people - Brandon & Alvhild, so off I myself.  7 hours of driving can be a little boring, so apart from looking for police : ) I took some pictures-

This is in Pensacola, home of the Blue Angels

About to enter Mobile

Can you see the rainbow?

I love it when water touches the sky

Going in the underwater tunnel entering Mobile

Going toward the light at the end of the tunnel

Finally made it there! We had a great time shopping, going out to dinner, and playing games.  These were the games we played.  I forget that Alvhild and Brandon are the GAMEMASTERS!!! Needless to say, after many attempts, I did not win a game.

I should have taken more pictures, is what I always think in hind site, but at least I took these. (Alvhild was wearing a darling pink skirt that I didn't get in the pictures: (
Pick your favorite -

Brandon had a beard that he had just shaved off that morning, that I wished I would have gotten a picture of it. Alvhild is so pretty, kind, smart, loving, etc, we are sooooo lucky to have her a part of our family!!!