Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flat CJ

Emma Jane did this last year and since CJ has the same teacher...
CJ sent me a picture of him as flat CJ - apparently there is a book called Flat Stanley & Stanley goes around different places (they do this around Columbus day, I guess like Christopher).
Just wanted to share some of my pics of Flat CJ.....

Monday, October 28, 2013

Trip to Bountiful in the Fall

Last week I was in Utah to visit my dad. Now that he is 91, my time with him seems more limited and I cherish each minute with him, so if you are reading this and live in Utah - I apologize for not visiting.

                                         Can you spot the Y in this picture?

We also went up to Pam's house for Sunday dinner and celebrated Jane's & Paul's birthday's!

Little Mack loves going to Grandpa!

Anthony is turning 16 today, so Happy Birthday!
He is holding CJ who is now one and walking.
Grandpa and I went to dinner with Ali and family which was lots of fun. She fixed us a yummy soup/bread the night before.

The colors were really pretty this time of year! These pictures were all taken from dad's backyard.
We went and visited mom's grave and put flowers on it. Dad says it always makes him sad to go.

It was great to see dad and I hope I get to visit again soon!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mobile Time

This past weekend we went to Mobile to visit Alvhild & Brandon and had a great time.  We were a little worried because that tropical storm Karen was supposed to hit while we were there.  Luckily it kind of fizzled out being a tropical storm but still ended up getting some good rain from it on the way home.  I wished I would have taken more pictures....
Brandon had only gotten 3 hours sleep the night before on call.

This was right before we watched a session of conference. Alvhild looks marvelous with her shorter hair!

This is what the weather looked like at 2:45pm just leaving Mobile going over a part of the bay.

When I worked yesterday and was setting up the lab for the nursing students to check off sterile dressing changes, I found this.... : ) Someone had lost their head, but the bed was made nice.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Only in the South

Here is an ad that was in the paper today -

I might just go and check it out....Deliverance is right!

This is a picture that I took when we went to Destin.  Nothing like the white sands of the Gulf-

I drove by the new Osteopathic Medical School in Dothan that opened in August. This was taken on a Sunday - that is why there are no cars.  The housing is right next door.  Pretty nice for our little town.
this was taken through my car window

The Girls

For most of the time at home it is just me and the girls...

Daisy who is six

Missy who is 5

We love watching Bama Football on Saturday's but us yelling & cheering at the TV
throws Missy for a loop.  

Losing Parts

So at work we have been in the labs for about the last month working with the mannequins.  Yesterday this is a couple of them that I found....
I asked the instructor that was in charge of the lab why these legs looked like this : )
She said the guy was going to come around to fix them and needed to have the right parts together...
I asked her if she thought their skin color looked the same to her.... and it was 2 right legs...
Not a good sign

This old man literally lost his head.  I am not sure what the students
are doing with them when we are not there. I don't want to ask.