Friday, September 20, 2013

What I have been working with...

So I have been working out at Wallace Community College in the nursing dept for the last 14 years. I used to work in the hospitals all the time, making sure the students take good (safe) care of the patients, but lately since I am in and out of town a lot, I have been helping out at the school doing skills check off like - injections, dressing changes, foley catheters,  nasogastric and trachea tube care & insertion, sterile technique, bed baths, making an occupied bed, etc.
We have some pretty modern equipment - like simulated mannequins that can birth a baby & one that we can adjust the blood pressure, mimic different heart murmurs & lung sounds, and make all sorts of bodily sounds.  On the other hand..... some of our equipment is VERY old and out dated but still useable.  Here are a few pictures of what we work with - some have all their limbs, some don't, some have the wrong body parts, some are completely missing essential parts but I won't show any of those..
This is a fancy one

This is the poor woman that delivers a baby over and over

This one used to have a hair but we don't know what happened to it 

This old man has woman parts : ) and we had to use another bed for a bed bath so they had to share

This is my favorite one.  Last year I put little balloons in her eye sockets and drew eyes on them but some probably didn't think it looked too professional.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm a Cowboy?

While we were at Courtney's house, we asked Dave if there was anything he wanted to see while he was there and said the Cowboy's Stadium.  Because we all love Dave, we went along to see the stadium and 2 HOUR tour.  I must admit, it was pretty impressive, but it still didn't make us Cowboy fans.

I think Emma Jane looks like the cutest Cowboy fan!

                                       Just seeing Dave so excited to be there - Priceless!

The best part, I think of the whole tour was being in the Cowboy Cheerleader locker room.  Courtney, Emma Jane and June, made GREAT cheerleaders!

Courtney doing her version... June looking on

What a pose!

June wanting to be like her mom
(By the way, doesn't Courtney look awesome for having a baby 3 weeks ago!)
                               The guys locker room was enjoyed most by June & Emma Jane

Dave enjoyed it too -

                                      Carl looked right at home in the Press Room -

And this is hopefully where Bama will be playing the championship game in 2015

Monday, September 2, 2013

Grandpa'a Here!

Dave finally came and we were so glad he's here!

It was a great day to go swimming too!

Gracie is getting older and is more awake!

Here is a great pic of Courtney and Gracie.  It looks like Gracie is looking up at her mom.

All About Gracie

Yesterday was Gracie's blessing day! It was wonderful and was shared with lots of family and friends. Courtney and Carl had 32 people over for dinner afterwards. Their house is great for entertaining - lots of room and a playroom for kids upstairs.